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The Firefly Group is about entrepreneurship through global Business to Consumer sales. We focus considerably on country by country markets, giving us a distinct advantage in “local” marketing. Whether your local is in Europe, North America or elsewhere.

With over 150 years of combined Internet Marketing experience by our principals, Firefly has a wealth of knowledge of and we have seen, and taken part in, many of the exciting swings and advances in technology over the years.

Our values as an organization surround the notion that the Internet exists to promote individual freedom and opportunity. From social economies to our investments in entrepreneurship and the empowerment of humans around the world, we invest our time, talents and resources to promote and realize our values.

And those values are that we also add value, to every relationship we have.

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Our global family of companies

In addition to corporate facilities in Europe and North America, Firefly maintains a network of local offices in key markets to...

direct localization of its products, comply with local requirements and maintain a point of contact

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Have an idea?

Do you have a great idea that is consumer and internet related and need help?

Firefly can provide:

Website Traffic Infrastructure (human resources, hosting and networking, IT and software development, marketing and administration) Data Financial Resources Business Intelligence (we have been creating Internet sites and technology since 1994)
Collaboration with Firefly Lane

The best and brightest, from around the world.

Firefly is always looking for bright, motivated individuals around the world to join our team.

Localization – As we expand globally we are always looking for persons with local experienceand expertise in...

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If you are interested in more information regarding Firefly Lane, please contact us.

You can reach us at info@fireflylane.com or leave us message and we'll get back to you.

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